Skyler Hill

Sound Design – Electronics, Synths, and Effects

My name’s Skyler (they/them) and I’m a sound designer currently based in New York City. As a practicing musician for 16 years, I’ve grown to have a very sensitive ear for the nuances of music that make songs “pop” out of the speakers.

I specialize in those “other things” that make music incredible – the subtle ambience in the background of a track, that just-right synth tone, perfect sound design that makes a song feel whole. The things that fall just between writing and mixing that many people overlook. I’ll make you love your song even more than you love it now.

I’m able to achieve sounds and textures that many others are not able to, both because of my unique processing methods, but also because I have a unique background and set of influences – ranging from jazz, to trap, to electroacoustic music, to avant-pop, to reggaeton. In my work, I embrace all of these different influences and utilize them to help me create sounds specific to the genre and style that you’re working in. I also allow them to combine and mix with each other freely, which results in sound design that is unique, professional, and distinct.

I also produce, mix, and master albums professionally, and as a part of your project I would be happy to provide these services as well. Above all, as a musician, I value work that is forward-thinking and boundary pushing but always, always fitting to your intent as an artist.

If you feel like your music is missing just a bit of “color”, “oomph”, “density”, “sparkle”, “weirdness”, “tightness”, “pop”, or all of the above, I’m here to help.

Además, hablo español y si usted lo habla también, póngase en contacto y podemos hablar sobre su proyecto.

Hope to work with you soon!

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