Nicolas Cajamarca

Mixing - Editing - Mastering Engineer

Nowadays, I own a professional studio called SoundSet Studios, where I have worked as recording, mixing, and mastering engineer for artists in Colombia, Canada, and the United States. In SoundSet Studios, I mixed one of the best eight mixes in the mixing contest #MixMasterColombia, in which I was a finalist in the year 2018.

My studio has all the pertinent acoustic treatment, and the monitoring system (Focal Alpha 65) is calibrated with Sonarworks software. I additionally work with specialized headphones for mastering (Beyerdynamic DT1990), ensuring that my mixes and masters sound consistent on any system.

I mix, master, and edit with Pro Tools, Waves, Plugin alliance, Brainworx, Izotope, Softube, Melodyne, Steven Slate, and SoundToys software (Original licenses).

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Master & Mix Sample 1 - Rock
Mix Sample 1 - Latin