Nicolas Cajamarca

Mixing - Editing - Mastering Engineer

I am Nicolas Cajamarca and I am a professional audio engineer and musician graduated form the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá – Colombia.

I have three years of experience working as the second engineer in Groove Studios, a professional recording studio in Bogotá, where I have had the opportunity to work with artist like:

Carlos Vives, Aterciopelados, Mad Tree, Los Carrangomelos, Avenida Esperanza, Lucio Feuillet, Tete Quijano Trio, Folkloreta, Radio Bembe , Nkumba, Las Áñez, Phonoclórica, Mónica Giraldo, Los Carlos Julios, Monoz / Papa Eddi, Lacess Rogers Band, Momentum Vitae, Néstor Vanegas, Kariwa, Juan Carlos Garcia Angel, Fanny Lu, Mauricio Pantoja, Chabuco , Maria Mulata, Sin más, Paraísos Invisibles, Santiago Benavides , Andrés Correa, Morfonia, Transeúnte, Maite Hontelé, Paola Jara, Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Cimarrón, Charles King, Chabuco, Elkin Robinson, Iván Benavides, etc.

My experience in the studio and my academic training, have given me the skills in recording, editing, vocal tuning, mixing, and mastering to work in any genre.

For mixing and editing, I need all individual tracks of your song in .wav format (48 kHz – 24-bit depth preferably or superior) and the name of a reference song with the sound you are looking for.

For mastering, I need .wav file of the final mix of your song (preferably 48kHz – 24-bit depth or superior) without any kind of limiting process on the master bus.

Nowadays, I own a professional studio called SoundSet Studios, where I have worked as recording, mixing, and mastering engineer for artists in Colombia, Canada, and the United States. In SoundSet Studios, I mixed one of the best eight mixes in the mixing contest #MixMasterColombia, in which I was a finalist in the year 2018.

My studio has all the pertinent acoustic treatment, and the monitoring system (Focal Alpha 65) is calibrated with Sonarworks software. I additionally work with specialized headphones for mastering (Beyerdynamic DT1990), ensuring that my mixes and masters sound consistent on any system.

I mix, master, and edit with Pro Tools, Waves, Plugin alliance, Brainworx, Izotope, Softube, Melodyne, Steven Slate, and SoundToys software (Original licenses).

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Master & Mix Sample 1 - Rock
Mix Sample 1 - Latin