IssaSecret Music

Professional Songwriter

IssaSecret is an aspiring, songwriter, producing company that currently resides in Los Angeles, California. His love for music began at a young age where he was influenced by his father , who was a backup singer for the Atlanta female group, TLC. He was also influenced by the tuneful sounds of Michael Jackson. His musical aspirations also materialized through the challenging experiences life presented him from heartbreak to homelessness. Through these experiences, his music is able to connect with listeners with similar stories. His music delivers a universal and melodic message of love, passion, purpose and perspective. His prophetic lyrics change the way people look at love and life, finding positive vibes in every aspect. Kristopher is inspired by the idea that his music represents a work of art by means of making a difference in people and in the world. His musical footprint will leave an everlasting mark on love and life.

I’ve been writing and recording music for 17 years. I had the pleasure working with some of the greatest artist in the music industry. In that time I’ve learned from some of the greatest and I am on to use my experience as a professional to help those in need of Industry Quality vocals, songs,etc etc at an affordable price.

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