Rewire Audio

Mix Engineer

My name is James, I’m a musician of 20 years and have a passion for rock and metal music. I recently finished studying a degree in music production and have now launched ReWire Audio. My focus is mixing, however I am also able to take on audio editing jobs to tidy up your recordings (including pitch and time correction) and original music/sound effects production for projects such as podcasts, YouTube channels, films and games.

I am a gigging and recording musician of 20+ years so I understand how important your music is to you, my goal is to provide 100% satisfaction and blow you away with the end result! With unlimited revisions I will work on your project until you are happy with it.

For mixing and mastering services, please provide up to 3 tracks you imagine your music sounding like. I will use these as reference tracks during the process.

Professional music mixing and mastering specialising in all rock & metal genres. From a basic service suitable for tidying up your demo to a full release-ready mix and master for your album.

Processing includes:

– Noise reduction
– EQ
– Compression
– Panning
– Reverb & Delay Effects
– Time Alignment
– Pitch correction using Melodyne
– Mastering

Audio editing to prepare your recordings for mixing and mastering, including noise reduction and time/pitch correction.

Intro/theme music composition for YouTube/podcasts etc. This could be full composition and production of the intro, outro and background music for your channel, or simply just a sound effect to accompany your intro graphic.

Sound design for film/games, including sound effects created using modular synthesisers or MaxMSP/Pure Data.

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Dark Ride - Burning Bridges (metal mix & master example)
Laura Jordan - Wicked Game (acoustic mix & master example)