Joe Bills

Professional Vocalist & Producer/Engineer

Located in Ohio, I operate out of my private studio where I am hired to sing, write, produce, and engineer for both major labels and independent artists. I am now on Melody Nest to provide my top-notch talent to independent artists around the globe. Contact me for any of my listed services!

My clients/friends choose me over others because of my talent, speed and quality of work. I am able to provide an outstanding result in an efficient manner. I deliver my projects on time (usually earlier). The finished products are always impressive because I refuse to settle for less (no matter what the cost of the project). Lastly, the results always stand up next to other hit records because of the platinum quality I provide with mixing and mastering. I have 12+ years of experience as a singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer, and mixing/mastering engineer. I am purely a creator and I LOVE to help others turn their visions into reality. Hire me! Let’s get to work…


Please get in touch before making a booking so we can discuss your project needs. Also listen to my Spotify for a more extensive representation of my work!

I am a professional singer with a tenor/alto range. I have a passion for helping songwriters and producers bring their creations to life. My goal is not to sing crazy talented vocals over your song but to bring out the most emotion I possibly can and make the listener really feel the message!

Most of my singing projects fall under these genres:
– Pop (Indie/Commercial)
– Rock
– Alternative
– EDM/House
– Singer-songwriter

People compare my voice to the likes of; Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Jon Bellion, One Republic and more! I also have a grittier side as well and can tap into unique sounds such as Led Zepplin, Nirvana, Green Day and Weezer.


For vocals I use a Rode NT1A microphone, going into a Neve Preamp, then into my RME High End converter then into Logic Pro X.

Upon delivery, you will receive a variety of options to choose from including all of the dry and wet vocal stems! They all come pitch corrected.


Although I am listed as a vocalist. I offer more professional services such as:

– Session Guitar (Acoustic or Electric)
– Guitar Solos
– Production (Beat Making)
– Mixing
– Mastering

Contact me for any questions! Lets get to work..


Here is a list of things I will need from you upon starting our project! If they dont apply to your project needs ignore them!

– The instrumental track you would like me to sing over
– Where would you like me to sing in the song? From what time to what time?
– Do you already have a melody you want me to sing? Or would you like me to create one for you?
– Please include the lyrics you would like me to follow.
– Please include a reference track of the melody/lyrics

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Pop/Dance Vocal Example (Mixed/Mastered by myself)
Led Zep/Chelsea Cutler/Joe Bills Medley of Examples


Always Open