Ciara Brooke Reese

Vocalist, Recording Artist, Songwriter

Ciara Brooke is a pop singer/songwriter and recording artist from Tonkawa, OK. Ciara has been singing and performing since she was 4 years old, As a child, she was featured on multiple talent shows including America’s Most Talented Kids and American Juniors. Now 26, Ciara has been writing and producing her own music for 5 years now, as well as performing across the United States at various events and venues.

Currently, Ciara is making music with her brother in their alt-rock band, Five Year Gap and working as a freelance vocalist, songwriter, and producer. She has been professionally recording, editing, and mixing her vocals for 6 years.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production from ACM@UCO

– Lead and backing vocals for your song
– Songwriting
– Vocal tuning and editing

Studio Setup:
– Ableton Live
– Scarlett Focusrite Interface
– AKG C414
– Kaotica Isolation
– Slate Digital Plugins
– Waves plugins
– Izotope Plugins

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