Alexander Hermann

Audio Engineer, Producer

I can mix your song or produce a song for you in the following genres: Electric Pop, Singer Songwriter, HipHop, RnB, Soul, Reggae and House.

If you have a song you like but you hit a ceiling and can’t improve the song anymore – that’s OK. Happens to the best. No one can do anything all alone. At this stage it is important to collaborate and get out of your bubble. From an outside perspective I can add the rest to your production. My Job is to get everything out of the song.

Studio Setup:
I am working in a acoustically treated studio with Analogue and Digital Gear. I have gear from SSL and other well known quality companies (e.g. Neumann speakers, microphones..). Nonetheless I know how to use my Plugins in the right way, so I end up producing a nice balanced combination of both worlds.

Work process:
First I have to find out the preferences of my client. I want to know where I should take the Song to. Reference Songs help a lot – You can’t always communicate the desired sound in your head with words. After that I arrange the Stems and identify the most important element in the song. That’s usually the track I am starting with.

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