session drummer

Hey guys!!! I’ve been playing drums for 15 years and have 10 years of professional studio recording/touring experience. I’ve worked with GRAMMY AWARD winning producer Adam Kasper (foo fighters, queens of the Stone Age, sound garden, Pearl Jam) I’m a drummer of most genres including rock, pop, alternative, metal, hiphop/rap/Rnb, and reggae! Looking forward to working with you. Lets make your next song a hit!!!
Currently a session and touring drummer for Graves and the Bad Weather/ Late Night Union

All I will need is an mp3. version of your song via email, prefferably the best version that you currently have, along with the time signature and BPM of the song or songs.

I will provide a full session for your song or songs using a DW maple drum set, zildjian A custom cymbals, sound treated room for drum tracking, top end sure mics, presonus 1824c studio interface. Logic Pro X DAW for tracking, mixing, and mastering. I pride myself on providing you with a drum arrangement that will compliment your song while executing a clean and tight performance, and providing that extra punch and dynamic feel that is essential in most styles of production in todays music industry. Lets get your song Spotify ready!! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm