Caine Lee

Mixing, Mastering, Recording Engineer

Red Lion was built from the ground up to produce music that punches you in the face. A Recording and Mixing environment to create Modern Punchy Drums, Ripping Guitars, and Mixes that Stand Out in any sound system. Caine Lee designed and built the 600 sq. ft. Live Room to capture a full band to a solo singer and every piece of gear was put into place to produce the best final product.

The control room features a 24 track API Console for mixdown as well as the best analog gear in the industry. Every piece of gear was hand picked to create modern punchy mixes. I mix on Barefoot monitors in a calibrated room to have the most accurate sonic picture. We also offer reamping through our amazing guitar amplifiers and drum resampling so no matter where you recorded your music we can make it sound like a Professional finished recording.

Red Lion has been a go to spot for bands to record mix and master for over 8 years. Know for heavy modern mixes, we have been a destination for Punk, Metal, and Hardcore bands from all over. With over 12 years of combined experience, Caine has recorded and mixed countless albums and is known for helping bands translate their sound to the world.

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