Tord Fjermestad

Music Producer


My services include beatmaking, instrumental production and mixing.

My process will generally include connecting with singers/artists who have an idea and lyrics for a song. After getting a good understanding of what sound they’re going for (for example with references to artists they like), I will then help produce underlying music for their songs, whether in the form of beats or more elaborate instrumentals. If the singer has vocals already recorded, I will make music to that vocal, if not I will make an instrumental which the singer can write lyrics for afterwards.

My mixing service will include communication with the artist to get a feel for what sound they’re going for, and then mixing the different parts of the song together to get a radio-ready track!


I have previously worked with many singers in the production phase and the mixing phase, and I’ve produced a song (Phoebe Ophelia – Beautiful Mess) that ended up on BBC Radio 1. I have also produced songs for my personal artist project (whoknowswhen) that have been featured on promotional YouTube channels.

I currently work on the software FL Studio 20, and during my studies I’ve worked on Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live. Remote work will then usually consist of sending audio files each other’s way, as opposed to project files.

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Pop Productions
Beat Demos - Various Genres


Remote work, currently working full-time (Mon-Fri 8-4 UTC+2) and finding time to work on professional projects outside of those hours.