mohammad rjoub

violin player and a music producer

Its Easy this includes :

-recording violin or viola or strings tracks with high quality gear in a professional studio.

99% of the time i send the work in less than 4 hours from seeing the order .

MY Gear:

1-Apollo twin usb 3 audio interface.

2-Neve , ssl , api amplifiers from UAD plugins.

3-Neumann tlm 103 // warm audio 47 tube condenser microphone // rode nt1 // rode m3.

4-cubase 10 pro.

5-novation 47 keys.

6-4 pairs of Sennheiser hd 180

7-yamaha hs 8 monitors .

8-maudio monitors .

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violin and viola solo
violin free style improvisation


7 days a week full time job