Ad Van Winkle

Composer | Mixing Engineer

Hello, I’m Ad! I’m a composer/mixing engineer/multi-instrumentalist with over 8 years of experience. My passion to create music and film came naturally and I love sharing what I’ve learned with those who find the composing/mixing/mastering processes difficult. In developing my own music and score, I understand how important it is to work with people you can develop a relationship with and who are genuinely interested in understanding your vision. With your song or film and my technical help, we can complete the most crucial stages of the process to fully realize your projects potential.

Before we get started, help me understand the following:

– What is your intention with the music or film project?
– What films/songs/artists inspired this project?
– Can you describe your song visually?

To get to know me better, please check out my bands Spotify and my LinkedIn!

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The Walls - YIP YOPS
The Death Of A Gentleman - YIP YOPS


Mon-Fri 10AM – 6pm