Joshua zava

audio editing; mixing mastering ;

Hi I’m Joshua and I own couple music studios in paris . With my team We will mix, master , engineer every part of your music ; it goes from clean fix , edit each part to get a radio ready mix . Mixing ?, mastering ? vocal comping? vocal tuning? top line? beatmaking ?…. we are the guys of the situation . we will make sure you are satisfy.

I have over 7 years of experience mixing and mastering for Radio and any kind of platform working with any style of music
we work in genre such as EDM , POP, HIP HOP , Afrobeat , reggaeton, rnb ….
4 days delivery
we are specialised in:
Vocal tuning

we offer revisions if you want some adjustment but at the end of the day we will make sure you are happy with the services and your song is commercially ready.
we will give advice sometime for futur collaboration in order to have a more efficient job done .

You can send me a “Reference Track” and i will recreate that sound, you will be prepared to compare your song to the songs of your favorite artists!

Don’t hesitate to send me a message before buying the gig so we can talk about any details of your project.

I love my job and i will help you find the sound you are looking for!
Looking forward to hear your music!

Audio tracks/stems in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF/MP3
Export & send your audio tracks dry, no compression, fx, etc (you can keep creative effects)
Quality recordings
Message me w/ any questions & or special requests

i will need a reference track ; a brief description of the idea behind the track; wav file of different stems

i will mix master your song do some audio editing if needed ; tune any part of the track
work with several artist as dorely recently; kaaris; eva queen ; shay…

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