Nicolas BDNE

Professional Composer, Sound Engineer

Passionate about music since always, I spent my childhood learning piano, guitar, bass and drums while studying harmony in workshops.
I decided to learn to make music and mix it in a film school, going into more and more orchestral stuff.

As an artist myself, I dig a lot with hiphop music and collaborate with rapers as often as I can !

If beatmaking/instrumental :
– mood of the track, duration

If mixing/mastering :
– idea of the color of the track, mood, intention about where people will listen it, Artistic Direction

If scoring music for audiovisual :
– precise guidelines about the Artistic Direction, Duration, Instrupentation

I’m a beatmaker, specialised in HipHop, NeoSoul, Lofi, Trap music !

I’m Mixing and Mastering music to fit different platforms (streaming, cars, monitors..) so it’ll sound amazing everywhere !

I score music for media platforms (short movies, documentary, animation..) in a Jazz, Orchestral or electronic way !

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