Dylan Heisler

Music Producer/Composer/Session Musician

Primarily for music production and composition, I operate mostly in Studio One. My toolset ranges vastly from A full Native Instruments Suite, Vienna Symphonic Library, to live instruments recorded in several available spaces using industry standard microphones such as AKG C414, Royer R-10, Rode K2, etc. My instrumental proficiency focuses on Electric and Acoustic guitar, Electric Bass, and Drumset or Hand Percussion with Instruments from PRS, Gibson, Matchless, Fender, Ibanez, Takamine, Taylor, Pearl, Yamaha and more. Recording and mixing is done through Allen and Heath and Motu preamps over KRK, QSC and Genelec monitors.

Many of my current and long-term projects are and have been for game studios producing soundtracks for mobile games though my musical interests and experiences are vast and varied enough that I can enjoyably write for any genre or application.

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