Jason Moncivaiz

Mixing/Mastering Engineer + Producer

Jason Moncivaiz is a professional music producer and tracking/mixing/mastering engineer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His technical ability, experience, and understanding as a world class audio engineer allow him to achieve any sound or sonic landscape desired and set him apart from all of the others. He believes that every recording should be unique and possess a sonic thumbprint that separates it from every other recording. His ability to change directions in the studio and adapt to what a song is telling him, despite whatever the plan was in pre-production, is another of his great qualities as a producer. He has the rare combination of being artistic and technical, but also great with people. He understands the psychological aspect as well as the importance of accurate communication with his artists in the studio. He earns the respect and trust of his artists, which is what he is most proud of.

Perhaps his greatest asset as a producer/engineer is his musical background. He was classically trained on piano beginning at the age of 8 and was labeled a “master pianist” by the age of 15. He started drum lessons at 13 and excelled in many genres from jazz, hard rock, pop, latin, country, gospel, and alternative music and became a session drummer while living in Nashville for 16 years. After learning piano and drums he turned his passion to the guitar for songwriting at 14. This enables him to relate to piano players, drummers, and guitar players on unique and individual levels. He was a songwriter and lead singer in the band Justifide that had 3 #1 chart topping songs and 2 additional top 5 songs while signed to Ardent Records. He also toured extensively throughout the world during that time with Justifide and also with his second band Reform The Resistance. His bands toured with well known acts Skillet, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch and many others.

Jason become the “in-house” 1st call producer for Brett Manning and his company Singing Success from 2016-2018 before moving back to Phoenix. His experience working with and watching Brett Manning and his team produce and coach vocalists in the studio added to his understanding of vocal producing and arranging.

These are only a few of the reasons why just about everyone that works with him keep coming back again and again. Clients become friends and friends become family!

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