Graphic designer, artist, album cover designer

Hi! I’m Kristen Baker. I’m a Plano, Tx based artist/ graphic designer. I like to spend my time creating detailed, abstract, surrealism pieces for my customers in a fresh and unique style. I’ve been making all different styles of art since high school. After I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder it was hard for me to get creative again so I started creating digital pieces on my phone and pretty much fell in love with it ever since.

If you want any specific photos in your album cover, please email them to me. I typically like to listen to your song while creating your album cover to make it a special piece of work.

Right now I use multiple apps on my phone to create these detailed unique pieces or work. I’m saving up money to buy a laptop to work in photoshop and procreate. Some artists I’ve worked with are Young Clooney, Night owl and misty eyezz creating album covers for their new releases.

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