Bryce Wilson


For about 6 years, I’ve immersed myself fully in the process of music creation and song production. Ranging from synth heavy pop and rap beats to harder rock instrumentals, I’ve grown to really enjoy mixing and producing my own personal projects. I eventually plan to release music as an independent artist, but I’d love to hear other people’s music as well and help it come to life.

I would say Alternative Rock is the type of music I work with the best producing wise, but I’m open to mixing songs of other genres as well. I’m excited to be able to mix and polish your full project, but I’m also more than happy to help craft a song from a single idea, chord progression, or a guitar riff.

My personal equipment and DAW:
– Logic pro X
– Sterling condenser microphone
– Presonus audio interface
– Bass guitar
– Electric guitar
– acoustic guitar
– Keyboard
– Electric drumkit

I really hope to work with you on your music 🙂
Can’t wait to hear it!

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Demo project I'm currently working on