Jake Naugle Music

Drumming and Composing


I’m Jake and I am a professional studio drummer and composer in Utah and have been in the business for over 14 years. I play all styles of music specifically Funk, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Samba, etc. Iv played with many grammy award winning solo artists like Eric Marenthal, Dave Weckl, Jenny Oaks Baker, and many more!

I would love to help you out with your next project!

This package includes
Separate WAV files for each drum track
Drum tracks mixed
includes project file
Done within 24 hours

1. Upload Track
3. what are you wanting me to record to your song? Any examples that come to mind or any other notes I should be aware of?

Have recorded over 3,000 drum tracks and have composed over 20 independent films, have preformed with many grammy winning artists as mentioned above. Really my goal is just to provide top notch service to your tracks that will give your music the most value possible.

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