Радослав Драгнев

Professional Audio Engineer and musicians for hire

Producing music over 20 years in our 5 star recording Studio 42. Our specialty is recording, mixing, vocal tune-edit, and playing pop , rock , metal, jazz and any type of acoustic music. For hire we have a female vocalist and drummer performing nearly all genres. We can also compose and record the highest quality movie or video/ video games music.

Our main sound engineer Lchezar is a multi-intrumentalist, drummer, composer, producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer with more than 20 years of experience.
Studio 42 has been releasing great music for TV productions, award-winning soundtracks, national media and independent artist albums on international scale for more than two decades now and is proudly standing out with high sound quality, excellent mixes and post production work.
Some of his work include one of the finest Bulgarian bands from various musical backgrounds and with international impact.

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One of our finest works. This song is written , produced and played by our musicians for hire in our own studio Environment
Another song of our studio musicians showcasing the female vocalist supreme vocal technique and drummer technicallity


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