Thomas Mason

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

My name is Thomas Mason. I am an Artist and Audio Engineer based in Portland, Oregon. I have been mixing my own projects for the past 3 years, expanding into commercial work over the past year. The genre of my personal projects is HipHop/Rap and naturally, my specialty is mixing HipHop. I currently work as a freelancer out of Falcon Recording in SE Portland.

For mixing, please provide all relevant stems at the highest available quality. For Mastering, please provide 24 bit 96k Files if available without clipping. My turn around for mixing and mastering projects is 2 weeks.

I can work in your DAW of choice but work best in Studio One. I freelance out of Falcon Recording in Southeast Portland, having access to an array of equipment and software for mixing and mastering, the full range of which can be viewed at

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Mon – Fri 09:00- 23:00 Sat – Sun 16:00 – 23:00