Jules Washington

Music Producer/Recording & Mixing Engineer – Pro Verified ✅

Hi, My name is Jules, and I’m a Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Songwriter with about 10 years experience currently based in Portland, OR.

I began my musical journey as a DJ at the age of 14 and quickly expanded to all different areas of the music industry. I have experience in a wide range of things from radio and TV commercial production, to recording and mixing music.

Now working as a Freelancer based out of Portland,OR, I hope to bring My experience as a Professional Audio Engineer & Music Producer, as well as a Studio Manager at Blue Planet Sound in Honolulu, Hawai’i for over a decade to a new client base. I’ve worked with Artist and companies such as IAMSU, Waka Flocka, Marvel, Dreamworks, Disney, as well as many local artist in Hawai’i such as Kimie Miner, The Green, Imua Garza, Anuhea, J Boog, Jay Keyz, & Fiji just to name a few.

I provide services of Recording/Mixing/Mastering and also Music Production having experience in recording everything from Rap/Hip-Hop, to Jazz, to Contemporary Hawaiian, as well as mixing and producing various Genres as well.
My approach to music is a blend of old and new with a hybrid of Analog gear as well as digital plug-ins, while having a pretty simplistic approach to creating with the Artist where I look to create create songs with a nice balance of instruments not overtaking and outshining the vocals and vice-versa.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting/working with new creatives always.

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"This Moment"- Jay Keyz (co-produced/co-wrote/engineered)
"All I Want"- Drew Singer (produced/engineered)