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Pro Drumming for Your Music// Fast Delivery

Hi! My name is Diogo Santos and I am a session drummer with over 15 years of professional experience recording for artists, from all over the world.
I have covered a wide variety of musical styles , from Jazz to Rock.
For me there is nothing more important than this goal: ALWAYS SERVE THE MUSIC!
Contact me and let’s start something great together!

-Session files ;
– The audio file of the song should be played with a click, with a minimum quality so I can follow it;
– Tempo of the song; – If you whish me to play in a specific way, please provide me with some examples/ drum tracks;
– Specify any detail or arragement you wish me to play in your song;
– I record with the standard audio format: 44.1khz 16bit. In case you wish me to record with a different format, please let me know.

I am an online session musician with a modern music degree, with over 15 years of professional experience recording for artists, from all over the world.
I am specialized in the areas of performance and recording.
During the past years I’ve covered a different range of musical styles:
Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Neo Soul, Funk, Brazilian Music, Electronic, Pop, Indie, Rock, Post-Rock and Progressive Rock.

I guarantee a dedicated and committed work, but among all there is one crucial thing you may expect from me: ALWAYS SERVE THE MUSIC.
There’s nothing I love more than to find the right groove, sound and feel for your song.

What I offer:
– Quality recordings// Raw Stems:
I record in a studio with a great acoustic and excellent gear: pro microphones, sound devices and quality drum kits. Moreover I like to be as perfectionist as possible, to make sure I deliver the best drum tracks to you.

– Constant communication:
This is one of the most important steps in a successful collaboration. I need to clearly understand what you want for your tune and drums to sound like. Constant communication is really important to help the success of the recordings.

– Fast delivery:
I like to dedicate time to everything I am required to do but efficiency is something I guarantee.
Work is delivered between 3-6 days, depending of the number of tracks required and the urgency to receive the recordings.

-2 reviews per song:
I want to make sure that you are happy with the recordings that I am providing to you, so I am able to do 2 reviews per song, so that you feel completely satisfied with the drum tracks.

– Beside the 2 final recording reviews, I offer unlimited pre recordings, which is an important step so that together we can find the perfect drums to be recorded for your song,

– Software: Pro Tools.

Please note:
– Tracks should be sent with a decent sound quality, instruments played with metronome, so that the job may be done faster.
– I do not play Metal.
– Before we start working, please give as much details as possible about the work you want to be done, like the style of drumming, groove or drum fills you wish to be played in particular.

I am at your service, so please feel free to contact for more information and together, we can work to make your music to sound great!

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GRAVITY- Post-Rock
Rainbow of Grey- Rock