Guilherme Gonçalves

Mixing / Mastering Engineer

Music is art. It’s a timeless way of communication. A universal language used by countless artists to express their deepest feelings and thoughts.

I’m Guilherme Gonçalves and i’m a producer mix and mastering engineer. Within my 10 years of experience i had the privilege to work with many talented artists from different nationalities like:

Moon Duo, Sonic Boom, HIFI KLUB, CABRITA, Bruxas / Cobras, The Poppers, etc

For a MIXING job please provide:

– Individual tracks (all starting from the same point and all with the same length)
– WAV 48KHz / 24bit (or higher)
– Rough mix of your song
– Reference tracks
– Bpm of the song

I can deliver a vocal mix (if the song has vocals) as well as an instrumental mix or stems.
I usually take 1 to 2 days to deliver (depending on the song).
Vocal tuning is included on my mixes at no extra cost.
3 revisions included with no extra cost

For a MASTERING job please provide:

– Final mix or Stems (NO LIMITER!)
– WAV 96Khz / 32bit
– Reference tracks
– 6 stems max.

I usually take 1 to 2 days to deliver (depending on the song).

My mission is to make sure that every emotion invested in your music cuts through and hits the listener every time it is played.
Through my technical skill set and my open and transparent communication I’ll make sure to provide you a safe space where trust and collaboration are the main key. I always try to resonate with my clients vision and It’s super important to me to fulfil your expectations of your own music!

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