Sara Brownsword

Visual Artist

My first comission work was in 2016 for the Assosiation Kokua ( in wich I created 10 illustrations of social assistance dogs.
I have had 2 postcard designs being selled in the craftwork shop Casa das Portas ( and since then created other original postcard designs as comissions.

Currently I am in charge of creating the Cover Art for music podcasts on the online label Octo Records and it’s page design (
I also create Cover Art for Isaque Solaris’ music (

I work with comissions creating logos, postcards, cover art, portraits, illustrations and more.
I make my art digitally or using mixed media (acrylic, watercolor, pensil, golden leaf, glitter, glow in the dark, neon and UV paint).

Depending on what is asked, my style switches up! 🙂

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Isaque Solaris - Endless