Stephane Aube

Songwriter & Producer

As the lead singer and songwriter/producer for the heavy rock band Rise In Vein, I’ve been on both sides of the creative process. I know what it’s like to put your heart and soul into a song, but I also know what it takes to level up a song and make it a hit.

I’ve been writing songs since a very young age and have continuously crafted my skills in many genres. Even though my musical career led me in the heavy rock genre, I’ve been writing, recording, and producing other artists from different genres such as pop, country, rock, and everything between. My writing style is very versatile.

Graduated from the Recording Arts Canada school of audio engineering, I own my studio, and I can deliver professional production and mix up to the industry standards.

My job is to help you bring your project to life. Here are some points where I can help:

-We can start from scratch and create ideas and songs from the ground up
-Already have something done? Let’s polish and finish this idea.
-Maybe you need to level up your song and need some fresh ear on it? Let me hear what you got.
-Need a singer to perform vocals on your music? I’m your guy.
-Guitar, bass, drums to complete your track? I have it all and can record it for you.

From songwriting and production to mixing and mastering, I’m there at any step of the creative process

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