Riccardo Pasini

Producer, Mixing & Mastering engineer

Riccardo is an Italian music producer and sound engineer who is credited on many Italian and international records. Even though he is specialised in heavy sounds, his productions cover a wide range of styles and genres: from pop to heavy metal, from folk to avantgarde.
He began his journey as an assistant sound engineer at Smile studios in 1994 in Forlì working with famous musicians such as Jovanotti (Italian singer-songwriter and rapper) and Laura Pausini (Italian pop singer-songwriter, record producer and tv personality).
After his training there he moved to Fear studios in Ravenna as head of sound engineering, starting collaborations with some of the finest italian underground bands. Within a few years his productions through Fear studios became a benchmark for alternative italian music.
In 2003, however, came the time to pursue his dream of running his own studio in Ravenna: STUDIO73. From here on his professional development and knowledge improved greatly as he started working with international bands.
Over the years Riccardo has become more specialized in online music mixing and mastering in order to satisfy today’s most common requests. He is one of the only italian music engineers that offers free samples for both the mixing or mastering phases.

Check my works at www.riccardopasini.it

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