Producer/Owner of 1NOTCH Ent.

Brand new to melodynest.. Veteran in music production.. Specialize in Mixing and Mastering with over 20 years experience.. Solid foundation in writing, rapping, recording and creating instrumentals from the ground up.. Well rounded; can and love to help complete projects..

For mixing/mastering all i need is the stems/tracks.. For just mastering all I need is the wav file or Mp3 ect if unavailable.

Mixing and Mastering with state of the art equipment. Full service recording studio with many talents/artists. Rap/Hip hop is the 4tay. All the basics from EQ, compression, reverb, de-esser, to any special effects. Versatility in writing, rapping, recording, mixing, mastering and beat making provides extra tools to go above and beyond for a top notch final product..

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Antonio Patrick ft. PANE1 mixed and mastered by PANE1