Jesse Ray Dodrill

Composer Beat Maker Music Producer

Growing up, I exercised my musical ability through church productions and chorus. I tried my hand at a few instruments and gained a basic knowledge of music theory. About five years ago, my passion for music was renewed and I found my was back to a music career path. At Full Sail, I really cut my teeth in creating, mixing, and mastering music. I learned how to use Logic X, ProTools, and Sibelius, my favorite being Logic X. I have a decent amount of plugins and a large library of sounds in my ever growing arsenal. Towards the end of my Bachelors of Science in Music Production degree, I also found some basic knowledge and understanding about Wwise and FMOD. The program was designed to put me in situations where I was able to work with students in other fields. I created sounds, voiceovers, and music for games, ads, movies, and more. I forced myself to explore as many genres and areas as possible, from sound effects and sonic branding to music sound tracks and full orchestral compositions. Now, I’m working on expanding my library of sounds, beats, and personal pieces, while searching for a fulfilling career that will allow me to continue expanding my knowledge of all things sound.

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