Elise LeDon


Hey there! My name is Elise, and I am a professional composer, singer-songwriter and producer based on the east coast. I grew up in Miami, FL and received an extremely diverse music education, which has greatly influenced my range of musical genres.

I would like to have as much information as possible pertaining to the final piece(s) you have in mind! This includes describing the emotions you would like the audience to experience, the exact length you need, and the purpose of the track(s). Please also include any applicable lyrics, preferred instrumentations, and additional tracks that need to be mixed with the composition.

My main instruments are piano, voice and guitar, though I also utilize software plug-ins for additional instruments. I use programs such as Reaper, Abelton, GarageBand and Maschine to produce my compositions. My favorite plug-ins can typically be found in Kontakt or East West Quantum Leap’s libraries. I have been professionally composing since 2015 and have had the opportunity to create specialized tracks for a multitude of short films, commercials, escape rooms and personal clients.

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