Robert McCracken

Mix and Mastering Engineer

I am a freelance audio engineer from the West Coast of Scotland. I graduated from SAE Glasgow in 2015 with a Ba in Audio Production. Since then I have been working in various services such as live music, radio, etc. I have decided to focus my profession to music and audiobook production. I have worked on various recordings in the past but with the current circumstances, I have been working on mixing and mastering more than ever. I enjoy what I do, along with writing my own music and playing bass. I have been honing my music production skills since I was 8 years old. This is my passion and I am determined to give you a professional mix ready for the world to hear.

If you are looking for mixing please have all stems properly named and ready to be sent.
If you are looking for vocal tuning, let me know the key to have this process move along faster.
If you are looking for mastering then just send me your stereo bounce.

I use Pro Tools to mix and master all my tracks. I have my own setup, acoustically treated to get a true representation of your track. I will balance levels, EQ, Compress, add reverb/delay, and take as much creative freedom as you will alow on the track. I can also offer tuning services for vocals. If you are looking for your track to be mastered, I will take the track through all the processes to have it ready to be sent to any streaming service or radio station.

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