Devan Music

Professional trained Music Producer

Looking for top-notch music productions or beats? Hit me up and get a completely unique song you wish for. I can write down your ideas and creative process into a fully produced song. Let’s get to work together, would love to meet you and hear your ideas!

Over the past twelve years Devan has made a name for himself in the Electronic Dance Scene. Performances in the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria brought him in contact with other artists and in the meantime he managed to refine his technique in the studio.

The added value Devan can offer you is the ability to listen and translate creative concepts into a custom production. This can be sound design within a composition, arranging a piece of music, mixing a record or mastering a product. The possibilities are endless and combined with his years of experience, he has the expertise with what works and what doesn’t.

Devan has in recent years composed songs for various artists in different styles within the Dance Scene. Artists Devan has worked with can be found all over the world.

Specifically, what does Devan offer:
– Development of a full composition
– Mixing and Mastering of a demo
– Lessons in producing your own Dance Music
– Feedback on own work and coaching

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