Lynsey Tibbs

Professional session singer/songwriter/topliner

Hi, I’m Lynsey, I am a remote session singer, also a vocal coach and songwriter. I have studied music and have a BA Hons in music.
I play the piano and produced a few of my demo songs, some of which are available to licence. I have an extremely versatile voice which can work with many different genres.

I have worked on commercial adverts and also been used from some EDM material.

*I have provided BV’s for producer Andrew Murray whose credits include Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys.

* I’ve worked with renowned composer Pete M Wyer as a repeat customer.

*Also the Blues Artist Grey Cooper doing BV’s on his recent album.

*I worked with the producer Sanjack on his song, Love Overdose which I wrote the top line for and has had over 35k streams.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

If its just a session vocal you require, please provide lyrics, backing track with guide vocal or played by an instrument (if this is not possible you can notate it down as well. If this is a songwriting gig, please just throw as many ideas my way as you can. And be clear on the genre, style of voice etc. Also I will need some kind of backing if you have one (for top lines) Alternatively I can provide a piano track as well for a extra fee. All up for disscussion!

I use a Neumann TLM 103 mic, with a Motu MK3 lite, audio interface with Cubase.

Happy to do 2/3 revisions and correct anything after the gig/contest has been completed. I provide dry, clean (wet on request) waves or aifs what ever your preference is.

I can also mix and finalise the vocals if you prefer for that to happen.

If we write a song together and we need to talk about royalties, I’m happy to do so. But for a buy out please discuss this further with me first before booking a gig.

*Please note the demos I send are just ideas that can be changed with your feedback.

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Like A River -Top line session vocal
Darkness - Original song