Anna V


Hi! I’m Anna.

I’m a singer/songwriter, I love what I do.

Experienced as a top line writer, session singer and songwriter.
I work in music most of my life living pursuing my own solo project and working as a session singer, top-liner and songwriter.

I can sing and write songs in English, Russian and Italian languages.

I love connecting with other creative people and contributing to their projects, I want to help bring your vision of your song to life in whatever way I can.

I’ll listen to your feedback and work with you to get things to where you feel great about your song.

I would love to hear about your project and how I could be involved.

My work includes:

– Writing lyrics
– Composing a vocal melody and backing vocals part
– Recording 1-3 vocal takes
– Harmonies
– Ad-Libs
– Commercial Use
– Up to 180 seconds

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EDM/ I was a singer and songwriter
EDM/ I was a singer