Ryan Elwood

Professional Studio Drummer

I’m a drummer based out of Denver, Colorado. I perform and record with several artists, including Blake Turner, Hunter James, and Jenny Shawhan. I also teach drum lessons.

Before the session: send a rough mix of your song(s) along with the BPM and your overall vision for the drum part. If you have a programmed drum part for reference, feel free to send it as an additional file.

During the session: I’ll craft a drum part based on your notes. If you’d like, you can watch the session unfold via Zoom, allowing you to make suggestions in real-time (optional).

After the session: you’ll receive a link to each individual WAV file (kick in, kick out, snare top, snare bottom, hi-hat, rack tom, floor tom, overhead right, overhead left, and room). These are raw tracks; no compression or EQ has been added, allowing you and your mix engineer to shape the tones specifically to your sound.

I am available to remotely record live drums and percussion for your next single, EP, or full-length album. My goal is to get a solid take without excessive edits so that you can get a truly live feel for your track. Remote tracking allows you to capture a unique performance in a great sounding room using real drums and industry-standard equipment.

– Logic Pro X

– MOTU 16A Audio Interface

– Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic Eight-Channel Mic Pre
– Warm Audio WA-273-EQ Two-Channel British Mic Pre and EQ
– Warm Audio WA-412 Four-Channel Mic Pre

– Neumann TLM 102
– Shure Beta 52 (2)
– Shure Beta 98AD/C (2)
– Shure KSM137 (2)
– Shure SM57 (5)
– Shure SM58
– Shure SM7B
– Shure SM81
– Solomon Mics LoFReQ Sub-Mic

– DW Collector’s Series Maple (8″x12″/14″x14″ toms, 16″x20″ kick)
– Ludwig Drums Classic Maple (9″x13″/16″x16″ toms, 14″x22″ kick)

– DW Collector’s Series: 5.5″x14″ Bell Brass, 5.5″x14″ Black Nickel-over-Brass (Black Beauty), 5.5″x14″ Maple 10+6
– Ludwig Drums: 5″x14″ Acrolite (1964), 5″x14″ Super Ludwig 400 (Chrome-over-Brass, pre-1963), 5″x14″ Supraphonic 400 (1972), 5″x14″ Vistalite (1976)
– Slingerland: Radio King 6.5″x14″ Solid Maple Snare (mid-1950s)

– Zildjian A Custom Series: 16″-20″ crashes, 18″ & 20″ EFX, 14″ hi-hats
– Zildjian A Series: 21″ Sweet ride, 19″ Armand ride, 18″ Breakbeat ride, 8″ & 10″ Flash splashes, 20″ Swish, 15″ New Beat hi-hats
– Zildjian K Constantinople Series: 20″ & 22″ Medium rides
– Zildjian K Custom Series: 21″ Prototype ride, 18″ Session crash, 14″ Session hi-hats
– Zildjian K Series: 21″ & 23″ Sweet ride, 17″ Sweet crash

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I'm in the studio Monday through Thursday. My average turnaround time for most projects is 4 days.