Shane Ward

Composer/Sound Designer

Hello! I’m Shane, a Wwise certified Composer/Sound Designer out of SUNY Purchase College. I am very open to any type of project you may have in mind!

My Fortes are:

– Composition
– Production
– Sound Design and SFX Creation
– Film and Game Scoring
– Voice Acting

Using Logic Pro X as my DAW, I can Compose and Produce anything from Classical Orchestration to Modern Rock and EDM. After spending a few years in a touring post-hardcore band, I’ve become a confident Live Guitarist, Pianist, Singer, and Drummer, though as a studio musician, I prefer to stick with Guitar or Bass. I am skilled in the creation and placement of SFX in Games and Movies using both live recording techniques and synthesis. Along with this, I also perform, record, and edit Voice Acting lines!

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"Like Clockwork" - Composition and Production Skills
"Thrones" - Writing and Performance (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Backing Vox)