Sadish Rathnaweera

Professional DJ / Music Producer


My Name is shan and from Sri Lanka. I’m a DJ and Music Producer in Sri Lanka. I do produce music and collaborate with top-notch music producers and artists in Sri Lanka. I came to Melody Nest to spread my creativity and provide my music production skills to beautiful people worldwide. I do produce music as a full-time producer. I’ll guarantee all my works and will make you satisfied more than you expected with my services. and also I love to invent new music by combining different kinds of music and cultures to give the best atmosphere music feeling. Thank You For Trusting me and Giving me a Hand,

Your Friend Shan

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Alan Walker x Imanbek - Sweet Dreams (Remix)
2021 Progressive House (Original Mix)


Weekdays 8 AM to 1 Am Saturday 8 Am to 1 Am