Rob Hagen

Musician, Audio Engineer, and Media Designer

I love to share the joy of all kinds of music with other creative people. With over 20 years of experience as a performing musician, I bring a depth of knowledge to my production, mixing and design work. I am a great listener and strive to transform your visions into reality.

I’ve worked as an engineer for half of my life, and have been fortunate to work with Grammy winning and nominated artists on various projects. I’ve worked on everything from classical string quartets to prog metal albums and large big band recordings.

I have been an active pianist and drummer for 25 years, and have been teaching for 15 years. I hold a bachelors degree in music physics and currently work as a mixing and mastering engineer at my own recording studio in Saint Paul, MN.

To get started, I usually want to get the scope of the project and deadline. The scope includes the number of songs or length of material, the number of tracks in each song. any reference or demo material, and a brief description of the project and it’s goals. From there we can followup with production meetings as the work progresses. I use Filepass for mix revisions and file management to make client feedback easy and efficient.

I offer a multitude of audio services including mixing, mastering, editing, drum programming, audio restoration and cleanup, sound design, and production. I also offer lessons on all aspects of audio engineering, acoustics, and music theory.

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