Armen Chakmakian

GRAMMY-Nominated Keyboard Player and Composer

GRAMMY®-Award nominated keyboardist and recording artist with 30+ years of experience playing keyboards and composing music of all genres.

I have played keyboards, toured and recorded for:
Roger Hodgson (Supertramp),
Cirque du Soleil
Sophie B. Hawkins
Buddha Bar
and lot of indie artists.

My expertise is:
Coming up with keyboard parts to perfectly fit your project including my real HAMMOND Organ and Wurlitzer 140-B electric piano!
I also:
Edit music & audio
Tune and fixi vocals tracks
Fixing and tightening up rhythmic flaws
Adding life to tracks that need some magic and mojo – many ways to do this!

I know many tricks in the studio to make your project sound better than you had anticipated, to save you time and end up feeling that you hired the right person for the job. My turn-around time is quick and I deliver pro-quality results.

I currently work composing, producing and editing music for:
TMZ, EXTRA, ELLEN, HBO, Cartoon Network shows.

The music for the TV shows listed above range from comedic, jazz, blues, electronica, kitschy-retro Hollywood, rock, metal, country, hip hop, house, fashion, news music, movie-trailer, action and more.

In addition to all of this, I work in Logic Pro, Ableton and ProTools and have worked as a teacher giving instructions in all three DAWs.

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