Shae Charles Valko

Session Guitarist and Sound Engineer

I have been obsessed with music since I was a boy. My first love was the drum kit. I played in my first (admittedly crappy) band at the age of 12. Drums were my primary instrument until 2007, when I left to pursue a degree in Environmental Biology – Zoology at Michigan State University. My parents discouraged a professional pursuit of music. Unfortunately, I obeyed. This isn’t meant to be a sob story, but more accurately the reason for the delay of my professional music pursuits. I still managed to take as many music elective courses and practice drums wherever possible. At this point, I also took the guitar, on a very rudimentary basis.

I worked for 2 years for the state of Texas, researching the West Nile virus, before shifting to a career in personal training and nutritional consultation for the following 5 years. I know that all seems random. But you see, I was searching for fulfillment in my career. I wanted a career more directly tied to my passions, of which fitness was at the time. All the while, I was discovering new bands, practicing guitar (exclusively now), and fantasizing about that sweet euphoria of playing live in front of an audience.

Finally, in 2020, the global pandemic forced me to truly search my feelings and unearth just what it is I want. For lack of a better term, I said a version of the phrase “screw it”, and committed to giving a music career a true shot. I started practicing guitar and bass more rigorously, taught myself basic music theory, took online masterclasses in professional recording, mixing, and mastering. Of course, I also started writing my first original music in earnest. My first album is still in the works.

However, as 2021 has now begun, I want to build a body of work, professionally. I find the only way to forge ahead with a career in the music industry is to work with as many unique, interesting, and talented people as possible. If I had to pinpoint the specific sonic sandboxes I create, I would say: progressive rock/metal, jazz fusion, classical, alternative, dark pop, and electronica. However, I am open to expand my repertoire and palette as much as possible.

My goal is to help similarly driven people see through their musical vision. I am starting this career at the ripe age of 31. I don’t have the benefit of growing pains. It is “make or break” for me. It may have been a tough 365 days for the world as a whole, the music industry particularly, but I only saw it as an opportunity to do a hard reset on the life of Shae Valko. There is no time to be sloppy or lazy. I am still learning. I am not an expert yet, but I will be. I am a “learn by doing” sort of fellow.

I intend to present only the utmost quality of work my clients expect. As a personal trainer, I always had to take courses to stay up-to-date on the latest research and paradigms. Music is a science in my eyes. I will never stop learning, whether from those more experienced than I or my clients themselves.

I want to form partnerships and relationships, not just round up disparate gigs. My clients will get my skills, passion, and dark humor in equal measure.

I look forward to growing further, with each new experience and musical partnership.

If you consider me for your project, please provide the following.


– Specific service(s)
– Any written lyrics and underlying subtext
– The feel of the piece (emotions you want to evoke)
– Desired genre or genre leanings
– Demos or scratch tracks as audio files
– Any instruments you want tracked or re-tracked before the mixing phase
– Intended use (film soundtrack, EP, LP, YouTube, etc)
– Desired frequency of project updates
– Deadline
– Any pricing concerns


– Number of gig(s)
– Date of gig(s)
– Instrument needed (Guitar or Bass)
– All songs to be performed (original or covers)
– Sheet music if on-hand (I can transcribe if necessary)
– Any pricing concerns
– Most reliable contact information

I have only been working on my original material until now. The first album is expected to release by the end of summer, under the moniker, KRONA. The beginning of 2021 marks the beginning of my professional pursuits as a freelance artist. In this regard, I am green but hungry. I am equally interested in live session gigs and in-studio production projects.


– Mixing and Mastering
– Song Composition and Arrangement
– Session Guitar and Bass Tracking (Live and In-Studio)
– Drum Track Programming
– Song Collaboration
– Scoring for Film/TV/Web Series/Podcasts


– Apple MacBook Pro
– Logic Pro X
– Arturia and Native Instruments Synth Plug-ins
– GetGood Drum Plug-ins
– Native Instruments A49 MIDI Controller
– Kiesel VM8 and ZM6 Headless Guitars
– Sire Marcus Miller P7 5-String Bass Guitar
– Line 6 Helix LT Floorboard and Helix Native Software Plug-in
– Focusrite Solo Audio Interface
– DI Box

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Short Jazz Fusion Improvisation on Guitar
Sufferer's Skin (Audiobook Music Bed)


Mon-Sat: 10:00 - 23:00 Negotiable