Josh McCann

Composer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering/Visual Artist

I started my musical journey in middle school when my parents acquired an old upright piano, and I was forced to take lessons. My piano teacher had what was then a top of the line Yamaha electric piano that would record what you played, and many times when I was supposed to be practicing and the teacher would leave the room I would be banging out my own song ideas. Eventually she gave up and let me do that instead of practicing. It’s not until roughly 11 years later in 2001 that I really started putting effort into music creation, (over 20 years) and I’ve been doing it ever since.

I’ve had music signed with several smaller labels over the years, but with the way the music industry is these days I prefer to just self release my music, that way I can release what I want to release and what someone else allows me to release.

I love everything about the music creation process from creating fresh new beats, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies and basslines. The one thing I can’t do is sing.

My style definitely leans toward the funky side whether it’s house, pop, disco, drum & bass breaks or funk. I love to write with strings, brass, guitars, a slap bass, and funky piano jams as well. Aside from the funkier side of sound I also enjoy writing orchestral hybrid type pieces. I have released about 100 songs, and in 2021 I released 5 singles and a 2 hour, 30 song album.

I have been compared to groups like Daft Punk, Chromeo and GRiZ by Pandora Radio as well as others.

My DAW of choice at the moment is Cubase Pro. I was a die hard Reason user for about 20 years until somewhat recently. And while I really loved the creative capabilities that Reason offered with it’s hardware style routing of CV and Audio I felt like they just weren’t keeping up to date with the times fast enough, and I’m loving Cubase now. I have also worked with Reaper, Pro Tools, and I use to use Ableton for my actual live sets. Other than that I believe listing out all my plugins and hardware is pretty pointless, and doesn’t really matter. All the plugins or gear in the world can’t make you a good composer, and having only the bare basics can actually lead to more creative end results. However I have way more than I should.

I graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design and I’m a pretty accomplished visual artist as well. I do both photorealistic 3D and 2D work. I have designed all of my album artwork myself as well as others.

As for my services…

Composing and producing – If all you have to start with is some scratch vocals recorded on your phone I can turn that into a song for you from creating the beat to the chords progressions, melody and bassline.

I also do remixes and really doing them, and the only thing you really need to send me are your vocals. So if for some reason you don’t have your other stems, but you have the vocals or you are willing to re-record the vocals that’s perfectly fine.

I do ghost writing as well, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I also offer mixing and mastering services to make your song sound polished professional and modern.

Footnote: Concerning the music I uploaded here, since we are only given 2 uploads I uploaded one funky tune, and one orchestral piece. I don’t have orchestral works posted publicly anywhere so if you wish to hear more examples just ask and make them available to you.

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Keep You Moving (Funky Groove)
Discovery (Orchestral Hybrid)