Max Gamez

REMOTE Music Producer

Hello, my name is Max.

I am a formal Vocal Recording Artist with 100s of sessions, 1 personal album, 4 personal singles, 1 reality TV show, 4 live bands “Lead Singer/Band Leader”, 1 Motion Picture “Recurring Song/Movie Theme Song”.

I started a home studio “RGM” to offer Sync Music, Mixing and Production Services. See the list of services and music production packages. Every package contains a description of the services, their turn around times and prices, to help you decide on the best one according to your specific needs.

Listen to my sound, and if it meets your standards, I can create a new song with your specific criteria or, I can Produce, Mix or Master your unfinished Project.

Visit my YouTube Channel “RGM Stock Music Studio” by clicking on the YouTube logo below my name and job title to explore more of my music library and experience what I call “Artistic Audio Expressions”. If all is good to you, I’ll see you here at Melody Nest so we may get down to business and make amazing Music!

Thank you for your time.
Let’s make Music!

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This is a happy uplifting EDM titled "One More Try" (Una Vez Mas)
This is an experimental Reggeaton style stock song titled "Hard" (Duro)


Mon-Sat 9am-9pm Sun-Closed