Hilario Rodeiro

Vintage soul drummer and brushes lover

I’m a session drummer who fits perfectly to jazz, soul, blues and americana roots music with old beats.
I love grooving and I’m a specialist in brushes.

You can hire me as a session drummer or percussionist for your recordings. I’ve been working in recording studios for the last 20 years.
I’ve a smooth way to play with controlled dynamics and a balanced sound, producers refer to me as a drummer to get the complete air and atmosphere in a session.
In recent years I’ve worked on albums produced by Dave Darling (producer of Janiva Magness, Def Leppard, Brian Setzer), Alberto Pérez (Snarky Puppy, Rodrigo Amarante), Daniel Orejuela, Jean Phocas (Mikel Laboa, Benito Lertxundi), Eñaut Gaztañaga, (Izaro, Iker Lauroba, Grises), Fredi Peláez …
I’m formed in classical and jazz music, and I perform recordings and gigs as a freelance musician.

Contact me and let me know what you’d like. I’ll record a demo and I’ll email you an Mp3 of your song with my drum take. Then we’ll talk about any changes that may be needed. Once we’re happy, I’ll send a mixed stereo and raw tracks separately.

I have some big studios close to me with big rooms and top line gear. Contact with me if you needs nice big room atmosphere. In that case it will cost 250€.

My drumkits are:
Ludwig Superclassic 71 (tom 13″, floor tom 16″, bass drum 22″)
Gretsch Round Badge 60s (tom 12″, floor tom 14″, bass drums 18″ and 20″)
Vintage Snare drums: Ludwig Superclassic 1971, Ludwig Supraphonic 1974, Ludwig Jazz Festival 1965, Gretsch Round Badge 1960.

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