Fernando J Bascunan

Song and music producer, singer, songwriter

Let the best 80s Anglo-cover band in Chile bring their distinctive sound through our studio to your project. Through time 80s music style and sound hasn´t left new generations indifferent. Why not give your next project that 80s feel and stand out among the rest.
Dreamaginality (where dreams become reality), offers knowledge through studio song production services to all those interested in obtaining an 80’s vibe on their next musical endeavor. Whether it be rock, ballad, pop, funk new age, etc., we strive to work with the artist who envisions their work in their very own special way and committed in giving them what they have in mind. A dedicated Apple computer, Protools and Logic Pro X. A large Kontak library with a wide array of sounds and instruments. 10 vintage state-of-the-art synths (mainly workstations) at our constant disposal as well as a wide array of vintage guitars and basses along with their respective hardware gear and effects. Band members who provide themselves as on-demand session players. A large array of many vocal male and female harmonies with the assistance of 2 TC Helicon famous vocal harmonizers at our disposal, all guarantee to take your tune to the next level. If your interested in song production, (from the beginning to full post production) we’ve got you covered. If yours is soundtracks for TV and movies the sonic library along with the real synths sequencing to unheard rhythmic patterns, all colliding together, is all possible through the studio multiple interfaces. We invite you to give your musical ID a try with D and see in the end if it doesn´t stick out among the crowd.

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Ordinary World (Cover sung arranged, instrumented and recorded by us)
Dreams (Cover sung, arranged, instrumented and recorded by us)