Gabriel Jofré

Chilean Professional Guitarist Mix Engineer

32 Years Chilean Professional Guitarist
Mix Engineer and Producer
I have worked live as a guitarist with Grammy Awards Calton Coffie (Inner Circle) and Trombone Shorty.
Producing I had worked with master mix engineers and Grammy Award winners Russell Elevado (D Angelo, Erykhah Badu, Alicia Keys) and Jim Fox (Groundation, SOJA, Gondwana).
I am part of the band Jazz the Roots and have recorded as a guitarist with Neyün, Be. Pm, Alkimista, Hugo Idrovo, Oraculo, Koala Contreras and Matiah Chinaski. I am an active musician in Jazz, Reggae, Rap and Latin American Folkloric Music scene in Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

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Inflexion Jazz the Roots Production Composition Guitar
Oraculo Black Mix Master Guitar