Bruno Freitas

Profesional Session and Live Guitarist

I’m a professional session player, producer and sideman from Brazil. 15 years of professional playing experience added to these 3 skills are always giving me the best sense of what I should do on your song, making me able to play the styles/genres you need for your track, with the right sound and giving you the most genuine and soulful guitar line with the right notes (not more than that) for YOUR music!

What I will need to starting record your song:

– Send me an audio of your song in the file formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, and tell me the BPM (if you recorded on the grid);
– send me another song which translates what you want to say, or sound like, musically (i won’t COPY, MENTION ou Make Plagiarism from that. It works as parameter to me;
– I need you to explain what do you wanna transmit with this song for your audience (peace, anger, etc).

I play electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele and an expertise in Brazilian Rhythms like bossa nova and samba.

What you can expect to receive:

Electric guitar tracks recorded in any style of your choice

High-quality audio files in .wav or .aiff format

Minimum 3 Days delivery time

1 Revisions

I record in my own HOME studio, with hybrid technology giving to you possibility of sounds (IN/OUT the BOX)

Please contact me before ordering so we can discuss the details and have a smooth workflow, also check for my availability.

Please do check out the video examples and FAQ’s for further information about collaborating together.

Feel free to PLACE AN ORDER whenever you are ready .

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