Gudino Miranda

Drummer Session, Mix Engineer

Gudino Miranda is a musician for over 10 years, had his first contact with the percussive world as a child in a traditional samba school in São Paulo. At the age of 12 he began his musical studies and joined the SBC Mirim Band, conducted by maestro Frigideira. He graduated from EM&T in 2010, where had classes of drums with Giba Favery.

From 2012 to 2016, he was part of the Zignal Band, where had his first recording experience of a full studio album, produced by Rick Bonadio. The song “Reggae do Horto”, the third track of the album, was part of the soundtrack of the TV Show “Em Família” of Rede Globo.

In 2017 was part of the release tour of pianist Beba Zanettini’s CD “Canto da Areia”. That same year he joined the contemporary percussion group of FIAM-FAAM conducted by Prof. Dr. Roberto Saltini.

In 2018 began his career as a music producer, his debut work was the album “Fique’mpaz” of the group Ágora. That same year produced the projects Clarena and Guatambu.

In 2019 he founded the trios of Brazilian instrumental music “Trivia” and “Beba Trio”, which contributed as a producer. The songs Beco, Nostalgia, Trivia and Espera were selected by the Spotify team for the playlist “Jazz Brasileiro”.

Also had the opportunity to produce singers Sejuh, Amanda Temponi, Julia Pagano, Re Chandra and the Tocaê project.

This same year, he completed his undergraduate degree and received the title of Bachelor of Drums from FIAM-FAAM University.

I need a few things to get the job started.

Send me a playback of the song, if it is recorded with a metronome, I need to know the Bpm.
I also need to know the format you want to work with, for example 24bit / 48Khz.

References are very welcome!!

I am offering creatives drum sessions on high quality. Rock, pop, funk, fusion, jazz and Brazilian music are some of the main styles that I am used to recording. I also work as a music producer and mix engineers. Send me a message so we can make good music! Previous/Current projects – Trívia / Beba Trio / Amanda Temponi / Re Chandra Social Medias: @gudinomiranda

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