Gustavo Sperling

Conductor, Composer and Mixer

Brazilian. Graduated in the technical course in Choral Conducting by the State Technical School of Arts (Etec de Artes), Gustavo currently attends the 5th year of the Conducting course at the State University of São Paulo (UNESP), acting as Conductor and Artistic Director in the “Musical Wings” Project; Conductor and vocal coach at Coral VozerIA and Assistant Conductor at Coral Patois. In addition to the Conducting, he also works with Soundtrack Composition and mixing for instrumental and vocal formations.

I only work remotely.

The jobs I offer include:
– Editing and mixing songs for various formations, with strong emphasis in choral and orchestral music;
– Original compositions for various purposes;
– Managing virtual musical productions (sheet music edit, bases preparation for the musicians, working with deadlines, assistance in the musicians recording)

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Original composition for a Sci-fi podcast
Original editing and mixing