Victor Varga

Mix & Mastering Engineer

I have studied Audio Mastering Techniques at Berklee Online and I’ve been working with professional audio for the past five years. Before I had my mixing/mastering room I have studied Fundamentals of Audio and Acoustics at IAV (SP), worked as a studio assistant in one of São Paulo’s largest rehearsal/recording studios, then I moved on to being a freelance recording engineer in different studios and on locations.

For mixing I’ll need the consolidated multitrack (stems from start to end of the song). Rough mixes and reference tracks are super welcome. Those references will help me to bring your vision to the sound.
You can use reference tracks to point out:
1- The tone of a certain instrument.
2- The overall frequency balance of a song.
3- An effect you like.
4- Balance between instruments.
5- Panning of instruments.

For mastering it would be nice to send me some reference tracks for overall sound. Pick some songs from the same genre you think sound good and send me so I know what you like.

The files for mixing or mastering should be sent in it’s original quality (sample rate and bit depth in which the stems were recorded and/or mixed).

It is a good practice to zip all the files in a single archive before sending me. It does not compromise the sound quality and it prevents the files from being corrupted during online transmission.

My mixing/mastering room is a LEDE room with a flat full range monitoring system fine tuned with AcouratePro’s FIR filters which ensures my work will translate well to consumer systems.
I will mix and/or master your song in a specialised critical listening environment according to your references and genre specifications.

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Ali na Esquina - Vento
Luiza Kolya - Tronco


Mon- Fri : 10 to 20h