Bruno Elisabetsky

Guitarist, Composer, and Singer

Composer (feature films, TV shows, theater, documentaries, podcasts, commercials), music producer, guitarist (6- and 7- string guitars, acoustic, electric, nylon and steel), and singer. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Bruno lived in Tel Aviv and Barcelona. He currently works from his own studio in São Paulo. Bruno’s solo works include two albums recorded with Quarteto Quadrantes: “Passos Largos” (2013) and “Sinuosa” (2015), and more recently “Xadrez” (2019), featuring João Fideles on drums and Rafael Abdalla (double bass). Bruno is influenced and oriented by a wide musical spectrum, ranging from classical, folk, fusion, brazilian music, latin music and etc. Bruno’s work as performer, composer and music producer can be found more in depht in his official website :

The better your understanding of your needs and goals are, the better and the quicker i can deliver what is expected from you.

Guitar Recording Sessions: Nylon 6 string, Nylon 7 string, Steel String, Electric 6 string
Voice Recording Sessions: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French
Music Production: Music Arrangements, Music Production starting from 0 or on the way.

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"Voando"(Bruno Elisabetsky)
Easy to love (Cole Porter)